Book Review : Abstract by Shruti Shetty

Book : Abstract – Piece of My Mind

Author : Shruti Shetty

Genre : Poetry

Pages : 54

Publisher : Educreation Publishing

Price : ₹245/-

Blurb : Abstract- Piece Of My Mind as the name suggests is summary of her thought process. Readers can easily get connected with her thoughts. This book is a reflection of her soul and the first feather on her hat. A simile to represent the work – Like a necklace and its beads tied with a string and book, are proms embedded in this book.

Review : I particularly found the tile of the book beautiful. On the cover of the book, there is a quill pen. I like that she designed the cover in such a way that it co-relates to what she does I.e. write. There are 36 poems in the book. The topics of the poems range from god to love to parents to Mumbai to little philosophy to Mother Nature and what not. The poems are of the rhyming variety. I found the words used a little to difficult to grasp. There are a few picture in the book that the poet considers her inspiration and motivation. There also have been some areas where I was not able to get the basic idea of the piece. I had to read it thrice or even four times, even then I didn’t get the meaning. It just seemed as if the rhyming intimidated the meaning of the poem. I loved one particular piece – Rebirth of 6 senses and Wishes. The first one has a beautiful description of Nature. The other one is hilarious. Here’s an excerpt from Wishes ;

Eyelashes would only be a specimen in the lab,

Since each one of those would have flown in the air.

For he grants the wishes – Santa Claus would be kidnapped far then.

Two more pieces that I loved were Compare and you shall know and Cravings! In all, I was a little disappointed by the book because I had built big expectations from the title.

Rating : 3/5


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