Book Review : The Time Of The Peacock by Siddharth Chowdhury

Book Name : The Time Of The Peacock
Author : Siddharth Chowdhury
Genre : Fiction
Format : Hardcover
Book Length : 127 pages
Price : ₹499/-
Publishing House : Aleph Book Company
Publication Date : 10th February, 2021
ISBN : 9390652022

My Rating : 3/5

Blurb :

It is the book launch of best in show: the peacock book of indo–anglian fiction and John Nair, managing editor, peacock India, is throwing the grandest party of his life. The whole of literary India is in attendance. All the literary stars are here: the Seth, the rays, the chaudharis, among many, many others. And into this haloed gathering walks Nair’s old friend, Ritwik Ray, the slightly off-kilter Bard of Patna, with a new novel in hand: God se Chowk. Mayhem ensues. Set in the Goldfish bowl of the new Delhi publishing world, The time of the peacock provides an accurate yet compassionate reading of the Indian literary scene—both Bhabha and metropolitan.

Review :

The Time Of The Peacock by Siddharth Chowdhury is a short novel set into the Indian publishing world.

The story tells the readers about what actually goes in the publishing world which as we see from sitting at home, seems like a world of literary glamour. Lots of things written by the author may come across as a surprise to the reader unless the reader is an integral part of the publishing world. The types of books that are published, how it’s decided whether they need to published or not, the marketing strategy, the demand for a particular type of writing, the response to it, basically, the ins and outs of the industry are thus told about via a fictional tale.

The book spanning across 127 pages has been divided into three sequential chapters with characters that are related to a fictitious Indian publishing house, Peacock.
The first, Bhasha, is written from the point of view of an editor of the publishing house, John Nair, who is to organise a grand party for a best-selling book written by a Dalit author. The second, Wallace Water, has been written from the point of view of an author who is unconfident about her book being able to appeal to her readers and not create issues due to the content. The third, Freebooter, has been written from the perspective of Ritwik Ray, an author who has good content but is failing due to the lack of sales of his previous book and hence his newer book full of rage and emotional turmoil isn’t being accepted.

I would call the author’s decision of writing on this topic to be quite courageous. There were multiple topics mentioned in the book that are quite shocking and makes one feel sympathetic for the authors. The writing is honest but I wasn’t fan of the writing style. The title aptly suits the storyline. While we do get to read about the honest account of the behind the scenes of the publishing industry, it was the story line and partly, the writing style that wasn’t able to keep me interested for a longer period. I didn’t enjoy the book as much as I hoped to from reading the blueb but I would suggest you to take a chance, for, you may end up liking it.

However, I would say that it was fun to know about parts of the industry that brings out our precious precious stories as books.

Thanks to Aleph Book Company for sending across the review copy in exchange of an honest review.

Book Review : The Great Indian Rope Trick by Ruskin Bond

Book Name : The Great Indian Rope Trick
Author : Ruskin Bond
Genre : Anthology
Format : Paperback
Book Length : 215 pages
Price : ₹295/-
Publishing House : Rupa Publications
Publication Date : 10th February, 2021
ISBN : 9390547881

My Rating : 4/5

Blurb :

The magician shrieked, ‘Someone has cut the rope! What will my boy do now?’ A minute later, down came the boy’s head. It bounced on the ground, like a coconut. This was followed by the boy’s arms, legs and body, all falling to the ground one after another. India is a land of many myths. Curiosity abounds in every corner, and at every turn, there’s some sprinkling of mystery. Soothsayers with their prophecies and wise men with their wisdom co-exist with swindlers with their stratagems and conjurers with their charms, weaving illusions to appear as powerful as the many gods that this land worships. In The Great Indian Rope Trick, Ruskin Bond puts together a selection of stories that capture both the magical and the mundane. Witness peripatetic men casting their spells, know the legends of Binsar, or just rush off with Rusty into the arms of freedom. A world of wonder awaits.

Review :

The Great Indian Rope Trick by Ruskin Bond is a collection of stories; some short, some long.

I would like to review this book into two sections based upon the theme of writing. In half the accounts, he talks about the foregone days, the days he spent with his father, their Dehra, his neighbour’s household, his voting experience at Barlowganj, road to Badrinath, a small village in Garhwal and more. These stories are mainly character driven and have been written from a part geographic and part historic outlook. He’s written about each character in its own way and has mentioned them in quite detail. In the other half, he writes mainly about nature and his life. He talk about poinsettias, daisies, geraniums, a bat, a bee, his wish to have a garden, how he is like a doctor to the plants, walks back home at night in Landour and more things which require us to be leading a life at a slower pace. I enjoyed this theme of writing the most. Its simple and being a plant mother and a nature lover, I could relate to it more and learnt quite a few things. His writing has a simple yet effective style to it.

My favourites from the book were :

🌻 The Beetle That Blundered In
🌻 Those Simple Things
🌻 Upon An Old Wall Dreaming
🌻 The Good Earth
🌻 Some Plants Become Friends
🌻 Sounds I Like To Hear
🌻 The Great Indian Rope Trick
🌻 Once Upon A Monsoon Time

The short stories in the book are more enjoyable. One of the reasons I’m loving these recent series by Rupa Publications is that all these short stories are written by Mr. Bond. There are 29 pieces in all and their length ranges from 3 to 30 pages; basically, the book has something for everybody. With the beautiful cover art by Priyankar Gupta, this book surely portrays a colourful picture. I’m recommending this book to Mr. Bond’s readers and those who enjoy the tiny things of life.

Thanks to Rupa Publications for sending across the review copy in exchange of an honest review.

Book Review : They Made What/ They Found What by Shweta Taneja

Book Name : They Made What/ They Found What
Author : Shweta Taneja
Genre : Science
Format : Paperback
Book Length : 304 pages
Price : ₹399/-
Publishing House : Hachette India
Publication Date : 28th February, 2021
ISBN : 9389253977

My Rating : 4/5

Blurb :

They Made What?

Stories of Ingenious Inventions by Indian Scientists

A space scientist who sent a rocket to Mars

A physicist who insisted that plants could feel emotions

An engineer who solved a water problem with an ice stupa

Meet India’s brightest scientists and read all about their incredible, groundbreaking inventions in this first-of-its-kind book. Explore the most fascinating fields of science, from nanotechnology and engineering to tropical ecology and molecular physics, and find the answers to the scientific questions you’ve always thought about. Do all scientists wear lab coats? Where do they get their genius ideas from? How do they transform these brainwaves into life-changing inventions?

Bursting with activities, quizzes, easy experiments, cool tips and a galaxy of knowledge, this informative, exciting and entertaining book is sure to awaken the intrepid innovator in you!

They Found What?

Stories of Daring Discoveries by Indian Scientists

A biologist who smashed cancer cells

A physicist who revealed the secrets of light

An ecologist who stumbled on a rare species of frog

Meet India’s brightest scientists and read all about their incredible, groundbreaking discoveries in this first-of-its-kind book. Explore the most fascinating fields of science, from neuroscience and biochemistry to evolutionary biology and thermodynamics, and unearth the answers to the scientific questions you’ve always thought about. Do scientists never fail at maths? What tools and technologies do they use to uncover something new? Do they really have robotic assistants?

Bursting with activities, quizzes, easy experiments, cool tips and a galaxy of knowledge, this informative, exciting and entertaining book is sure to awaken the intrepid innovator in you.

Review :

They Made What/ They Found What by Shweta Taneja is a fun flip book which takes us to the fascinating world of Science, scientists and their inventions. The book has two sections, They Made What and They Found What. The former section includes stories of 10 indigenous inventions by Indian scientists while the latter includes stories of 10 discoveries made by Indian scientists.

The They Made What contains stories ranging from the field of Nanotechnology to Engineering, Ecology to Physics and much more.
My favourites from this section were :
🌻The one about Mr. Sonam, a scientist upon which the character of Punshukh Wangdu in 3 Idiots was based upon.
🌻The one about Divya Mudappa, a Wildlife Ecologist.

The They Found What section contains stories of discoveries ranging from the field of Zoology to Genetics, Chemistry to Engineering, Neuroscience to Thermodynamic and what not.
My favourites from this section were :
🌻The one about SP Vijayakumar, a doctoral researcher.
🌻The one about Rama Govindarajan.

Shweta Taneja has written about these Scientists in a brief yet interesting manner. The quality of writing that’s required to keep a reader engrossed in a Science book is something that the author has aced. The little notes at the bottom of the pages describing the scientific terms is appreciable. Colourful cover/s adding to to the idea of a flip book make it appealing. The title is quite simple yet interesting. The book is filled with activities, nuggets of information, tips, experiments and what not. If a child were to read it, it would surely interest him/her/them to peek a little into this intriguing world of Science.

This book simply is a proof of how big and fascinating the world of Science is and how well the Indian Scientists have worked upon unravelling it. After reading it, I felt a certain level of pride for our brilliant Scientists and their work. There were a lot of them I didn’t know about and it feels good to read about them and their work. Its a book that would greatly interest children, adolescents and the readers who want to begin reading about Science. I would recommend this book to all those who like reading about Science and scientists.

Thanks to Hachette India for sending across the review copy in exchange of an honest review.

Book Review : Once There Was Me by Bobby Sachdeva

Book Name : Once There Was Me
Author : Bobby Sachdeva
Genre : Memoir
Format : Paperback
Book Length : 427 pages
Price : ₹450/-
Publishing House : Pan Macmillan India
Publication Date : 30th June, 2020
ISBN : 9389109558

My Rating : 3.5/5

Blurb :

Caught in the web of communal violence repeatedly, Bobby Sachdeva stares at his burning house set afire by the bloodthirsty mob of the anti-Sikh riots in Delhi. As a fourteen-year-old, his world turns upside down, exactly at the age his father had escaped from Pakistan during the Partition of India. Recovering from the trauma, Bobby re-builds his business and journeys across the US and China, experiencing a life unhindered by religious animosity. Having experienced both sides of religion – of immersion and detachment – he starts questioning the role of religion in our lives. Based on his vision of an emergent India, Bobby finally submits a PIL in the Supreme Court for religious shrines to distribute their excess income for the downtrodden. What happens next as religious hardliners turn against him?

Review :

Once There Was Me is the memoir of Bobby Sachdeva mixed in with some fiction. It surely takes a lot of courage to write about one’s life, the highs and lows and present it to the world.

The assassination of Indira Gandhi in 1984 lead to some serious consequences for the Sikhs. For a 14 year old Sikh boy, what happens as a result of that assassination is what the book begins with. With your heart in your mouth you will read and be horrified with the trauma he and his family go through. This harrowing incident gives the book an engrossing beginning. The book mainly focuses upon the Mr. Sachdeva’s upbringing, life and family with the background of communal riots and his family’s altering financial conditions. His departure to USA, his struggles there and his return cover the middle third of the book. The last third focuses upon God and Godmen.
There are a lot of quotes in the book in regard to religion, country, life and people on general which I found to be quite true and relatable. I applaud the honesty with which Mr. Bobby Sachdeva has written the book.

The first third of the book is fast paced and engrossing which is a feature that tends to taper off through the middle and last third of the book. The last few chapters are focusing on the same topic making the writing repetitive. I agree, it’s the present that the author mentions towards the end and that it is to be written about in detail but the excessive details makes the reading
a bit mundane. However, the writing style and language is good and doesn’t make you pause the reading. I also applaud the creators of the cover of the book for its really creative and so is the title.

The book will give you an assurance about keeping faith in oneself.

Thanks to the author and Pan Macmillan India for sending me the review copy in exchange of an honest review.

Book Review : The Blockbuster Health (Vol. 2) by Dr. Sharad Kulkarni

Book Name : The Blockbuster Health (Vol. 2)
Author : Dr. Sharad Kulkarni
Genre : Self Help/ Healthy Living/ Well Being
Format : Kindle Ebook
Book Length : 133 pages
Price : ₹69/-
Publishing House : Penman Books
Publication Date : 28 July, 2020

My Rating : 4/5

Blurb :

The Blockbuster Health volume 2 deals with the lifestyle aspects fortified with recent concepts on how one can maintain a good regime. Though diet alone can help us to stay able-bodied, however, it is equally important that we also follow the righteous regime. As rightly stated ‘good health is the conglomeration of good eating and good living’, this volume concentrates primarily on various aspects of lifestyle such as Day, Night and Seasonal Regime, Sleep, Digital Detoxification, Mental Well-Being, Sexual Well-Being and Disease-Specific Lifestyle. This book is a must read for students, health enthusiasts, doctors, politicians, teachers, retired persons.

Review :

The Blockbuster Health is a two volume series (as of now) by an Ayurveda Doctor, Dr. Sharad Kulkarni.

The first book of the series focused on healthy eating, this book tells us about healthy living and it’s practices. The entire book has been divided into six simple chapters. They are :

1. Ideal Lifestyle : Here in, the author/doctor explains what an ideal lifestyle is and should be like. He also elaborates about lifestyle diseases and what can be done for them. There are notes on workouts, an ideal routine, healthy habits, over-exercising and detox. The Aasanas have been illustrated for a better understanding.

2. The Sleep Drill : In this chapter, he explains us about SLEEP. The physiology behind it, the mindset while falling asleep, what to do and what not to while you fall asleep or can’t sleep, how to deal with excessive sleeping and tips for a healthy sleep. This chapter was my favourite.

3. Digital Detox : In this chapter, the author focuses upon digital detox, the need for it and how to do it. The demerits of smart gadgets and it’s harmful effects upon children have been talked about.

4. Mental Well-Being : This is an extremely important chapter for all of us, considering today’s digital era. He tells us about depression and psychological abuse via the encounters he’s had. There is a set of mantras for well being that he’s mentioned along with types of personalities and mindset. The part about art of healing was my favourite from this chapter.

5. Sexual Well-Being : A chapter which begins by clearing air about the ground reality further explores the art of coitus.

6. Disease-Specific Lifestyle : This chapter is about the do’s and don’ts provided by the author for a specific set of diseases according to the body system. In the end he mentions tips to live better.

Each chapter begins with a positive or an essential quote which is something I like to read before beginning a chapter. Adding cherry to the writing are the real life examples that the author/doctor has encountered. They help correlate with the concepts he is trying to tell us about and make it easier for the reader to get the concepts. I enjoyed this short little book which inspite of being brief, manages to tell a lot. With an easy language, appropriate examples and simple concepts, the book can surely serve as a guide for you to begin living healthy.

Informative books as such are always enjoyable. Lastly, I would like to point it out to the readers that, applying what you read will be more advantageous rather than simply reading it. I’m recommending this to the ones who want to read about healthy living and well being.

Thanks to the author for sending me the review copy in exchange of an honest review.

Book Review : The Blockbuster Health (Vol. 1) by Dr. Sharad Kulkarni

Book Name : The Blockbuster Health (Vol 1)
Author : Dr. Sharad Kulkarni
Genre : Healthy Living and Wellness
Format : Kindle Ebook
Book Length : 162 pages
Price : ₹49/-
Publication Date : 11th September, 2019
ASIN: B07XT6C578

My Rating : 4/5

Blurb :

The Blockbuster Health (Volume-1) deals with inculcating good eating habits. Disciplined eating is the root cause for a good mind and body. Fast food, Junk eating, improper diet is responsible for ample number of diseases which need a sequential diet protocol. There is a need for healthy eating literature which comprises of maximum information that can be adopted easily by anyone depending on the needs. This book is a must read for everyone who is desirous of good independent health. The list includes Teachers, Preachers, Doctors, Students, Athletes, Bodybuilders, Ministers etc. This book can be of great help for a healthy person to keep diseases at bay and a diseased to fight against the disease effectively. Essential dietary needs, relation between mind and food, most popular diet varieties, good food preparing and eating practices, discussion on tea and coffee, disease specific diet, fasting and its types, anti-aging foods have been the key components of this volume, which has been explained in the simplest manner. The foreword is written by accomplished Bollywood actress Suman Ranganath.

Review :

The Blockbuster Health is a two volume series (as of now) by an Ayurveda Doctor, Dr. Sharad Kulkarni.

The first part of the series focuses mainly upon the food that we consume. The what’s, why’s and how of the food is covered in the book. There are in all 8 chapters which are :

1. Essential Dietary Needs : This chapter tells us about the macro and micronutrients our body requires along with their role.

2. Good Mind = Good Food : This chapter explores the connection of the mind with the food we eat and temperaments of humans.

3. You are what you Eat! : Here in, we are told about the various types of diets in details.

4. The Diet Regime : Here, everything and anything surrounding the diet that we consume has been mentioned i.e. the cooking, the consumption, our mindset during intake, incompatible foods, etc.

5. A Note on Beverages : There has been explored the various types of teas, coffees, detox water, etc in this chapter along with their preparation and benefits.

6. Disease-Specific Diet : This chapter mentions the diets specific to the respiratory, gastric, musculoskeletal, skin and more diseases and the diet according to the seasons.

7. Importance of Fasting : Here in, everything about fast has been covered and can actually help us understand the physiology behind fasting.

8. Four Best Anti-Aging Foods : Consider them tips for better skin and body, these 4 are can literally be found in your kitchen.

What I genuinely enjoyed about this book were the brief nuggets of information that the author delivers in a very simple yet efficient manner. There was a lot of information in this book and can be a good guide for all those who want to begin taking care of their eating habits. The author being an Ayurveda Doctor has also explained us the principles of Ayurveda in terms of eating. Quite a few points made had very good and reliable references. The language of the book is simple and quite easy for any reader. The title is fancy but the writing stands up for up efficiently. I do however wish that the cover wouldn’t have be so plain.

Informative books as such are always enjoyable. I’m recommending this to the ones who want to read about Health and Food.

Thanks to the author for sending me the review copy in exchange of an honest review.

Book Review : Faith And Beloved by Kochery C. Shibu

Book Name : Faith And Beloved
Author : Kochery C Shibu
Genre : Thriller
Format : Kindle eBook
Book Length : 185 pages
Price : ₹50/-

My Rating : 1.5/5

Blurb :

Naithy Cherokil is a rich and successful business woman from Mumbai who marries the young and handsome model Tony D’Souza after the death of her husband. Little does she know that the ideal sex slave of her husband is the sleeper cell of a terror outfit. Events in her life take unforeseen turns as the male Mata Hari is activated.
Prem Rollands is a kalari exponent and brilliant student whose world revolves around his brother Arun. Things go awry when the police kills Arun under mysterious circumstances. Prem kills the inspector in retribution and is on the run. He is on the lookout for Alice to find out the dark secrets leading to the killing of his brother. Prem must avenge those who have plotted to kill his brother, even at the cost of his own life.
Eighteen year old Alice Cherokil knows more about computers and mystery games than a girl of her age. Alice’s life falls apart when her mother is hospitalised and in a coma. Alice is playing the ultimate mystery game of her life as the web of secrets surrounding two precious diamonds and her stepfather threaten to destroy her family. Alice overcomes moral dilemma to kill her stepfather and she is on the run. Alice must outwit the underworld and stay ahead of all to save her mother’s life or the guilt of her failure will haunt her forever.
As the lives of Naithy, Prem and Alice cross each other they must retain their faith and protect their beloved ones even at the cost of their own lives.
A saga of love, lust, betrayal, intrigue and revenge.

Review :

Faith and Beloved by Kochery C. Shibu is a thriller that would make the title call it appropriate.

Its a story of love, lust, violence, underworld and revenge. Three plots are running in parallel and each of them have something to do with each other. A lot of planning may have gone into establishing a network/structure for the plot. Unfortunately, for the reader, the in depth portrayal only makes the reading difficult. Character development has been done wonderfully but that again tends to interfere with the reading. It makes reading tedious because there’s a plethora of characters and each of them have been given a lot of details. The same in depth portrayal was present in author’s previous book but somehow, that debut was one of my favourite reads. This one, doesn’t seem to impress me. There are quite a few scenes that made me uncomfortable while reading. While it’s understandable that the author is simply trying to develop the character and plot but I was definitely not able to enjoy them. The cover seemed pretty simple and minimal.

Having read the author’s debut book, I was expecting quite a lot from this read. Alas! For a thriller, it passes okay but for the author, I expected a little bit more.

Thanks to the author for sending me the review copy in exchange of an honest review.

Book Review : A Silent Takeover by Sarvananda Chandrashekaraiah

Book Name : A Silent Takeover
Author : Sarvananda Chandrashekaraiah
Genre : Thriller/Mystery
Format : Kindle ebook
Book Length : 231 pages
Price : ₹150/-
Publication Date : 30th July, 2020

My Rating : 3.25/5

Blurb :

On his 50th birthday, arrogant playboy superstar Raaj Kumar gets into a verbal scuffle with the media gathered outside his house who question his inability to maintain romantic relationships. He decides to take a sabbatical and disappears off the grid to Chikkamagaluru.

Suhaasini, an intern at the tabloid Muthodlur Blitz is assigned a difficult task – to track down Raaj and get an exclusive interview. Her research into Raaj’s life uncovers a strange pattern; ill-fate follows every official ex-girlfriend of Raaj – each one either becomes mentally unstable or dies under mysterious circumstances. Determined to solve this mystery, Suhaasini vows to unravel this sinister web, unearthing dark secrets and evil schemes along the way.

As she gets closer to the truth, the death of key players and an attack to silence her only drives Suhaasini to keep on digging. Will she succeed? Will the culprit be brought to justice? And what will be the cost of her persistence to expose the truth?

Review :

Suhaasini, an intern at Muthodlur Blitz is to track Raaj Kumar, a 50 year old arrogant superstar and interview him. Her research leads her to unearth some suspicious activity in Raaj Kumar’s love life. No, it’s not the usual, it’s either the death or the extremely deteriorated condition of his girlfriends post breakup. She’s keeps on digging and comes across quite a few things. You can read the book for more.

Firstly, I liked the title of the book now that I’ve completed reading it. It’s appropriate to the plot. What I mainly want to talk about is the writing, it’s had its highs in terms of building a good suspense and story; while it’s lows were the lack of transition in the initial part of the book and that of a power punch suspense reveal. The beginning of the book will not let you guess the genre. It’s almost as if after a few chapters, the writing style suddenly becomes that of a thriller. I’ll surely praise the author’s skills for keeping the reading interested in the middle portion of the book. The end is fast paced and unexpected. A little bit of more work and the book would’ve been much better. The medical concepts used in the story are interesting. The language used is lucid and the character development has been done well. I would like to appreciate the author’s effort for this debut novel.

The writing had its highs and lows for me and considering that, I’ll recommend this book to someone who wants to begin his/her/their reading with mysteries.

Thanks to the author for providing me withh the review copy in exchange of an honest review.

Book Review : I Came Upon A Lighthouse by Shantanu Naidu

Book Name : I Came Upon A Lighthouse
Author : Shantanu Naidu
Illustrator : Sanjana Desai
Genre : Memoir
Format : Hardcover
Book Length : 232 pages
Price : ₹499/-
Publishing House : Harper Collins India
Publication Date : 11th January, 2021
ISBN : 9390327520

My Rating : 5/5

Blurb :

An endearing portrait of an Indian legend

I told him that when I write a book, I would write about another side of him and not just historic events or business milestones. I would write about us and our adventures together, and how I saw him, colours and shades of him unknown to the world. Life beyond the great steel wall of ‘industry doyen’.He agreed.

‘There cannot be one book that captures everything … So you do your thing, give your perspective.’It was their shared empathy for homeless dogs that sparked an unlikely friendship. In 2014, Shantanu Naidu, an automobile design engineer in his early twenties, developed an innovation to save the local strays from being run over by speeding cars.

Ratan Tata, himself known for his compassion for stray dogs, took note. Impressed, he not only decided to invest in the venture, but over the years became a mentor, boss and an unexpectedly dear friend to Shantanu.I Came Upon a Lighthouse is an honest, light-hearted telling of this uncommon bond between a millennial and an octogenarian that gives glimpses of a beloved Indian icon in a warm light.

Review :

I Came Upon A Lighthouse by Shantanu Naidu is a heartwarming and honest account of his work and friendship with the octogenarian Mr. Ratan Tata aka The Lighthouse.

It’s the year 2014 and Shantaa-nu (as Mr. Ratan Tata says), an automobile design engineer initiates a venture to save the stray dogs from the speeding vehicles. Shantanu sends a letter to Mr. Ratan Tata telling him about the venture. Mr. Ratan Tata being impressed from the idea decides to invest in his venture much to Shantaanu’s surprise and there onwards begins their friendship. Their friendship deepens over the time and then another fragment gets added to it. I would suggest the reader to read the book to find out more.

Shantaanu has written about Mr. Ratan Tata in the most honest and wonderful manner. His words and incidents give you a sneak peak in the life of the octogenarian philanthropist. You’ll ask, what’s so different about it? Well, the retelling offers us the friendship of an engineer in his twenties and an octogenarian Industrialist. A side of Mr. Tata that a lot of us may have not witnessed as much is what’s explored in this memoir. Shantanu, a debut author has really done a commendable job with the writing. The warmth and comfort provided by the incidents is same as the warmth provide by the writing. It’s been written in a really absorbing manner; almost doesn’t make you want to put the book down. There are so many things that I loved in this book particularly the goofy and friendly side of Mr. Tata. My most favourite part was when Shantanu says that Mr. Ratan Tata tends to teach him things by practicing it and not just preaching it.

Sanjana Desai, the one who has illustrated the book has done an exceptional job. The illustrations are so beautiful, apt and vivid.

It’s a book I highly recommend to all those who love reading about Mr. Tata and friendships. Another thing, the author royalties go to animal welfare. Now, isn’t that excellent!

A huge thanks to HarperCollins India and Shantanu Naidu for sending me the review copy in exchange of an honest review.

Book Review : Hop On by Ruskin Bond

Book Name : Hop On: My Adventures on Boats,Trains and Planes

Author : Ruskin Bond

Illustrator : Samrat Halder

Genre : Non Fiction/ Memoir

Format : Paperback

Book Length : 64 pages

Price : ₹199/-

Publishing House : Talking Cub ( Speaking Tiger Books)

Publication Date : 25th December, 2020

ISBN : 9389958466

My Rating : 4/5

Blurb :

A little boy goes riding on a boat. He has been told many fearful stories of sea monsters and strange sea creatures. But what really happens on the boat? Then he is taken high up, far above the land in a tiny plane. The pilot loves to take his plane up and down, diving and swooping. Is that fun? On a train, the boy goes slowly up a hill, amidst piles of snow, through an amazing winterland. But this is no ordinary train, for it is taking a whole load of schoolboys to their boarding school. Can such a train ride really be exciting?

Find out in this set of stories where a young Ruskin Bond travels by train, plane and boat, and tells us all the marvellous adventures from his childhood days. Charmingly illustrated, written in simple language that will delight younger readers, Hop On is the perfect introduction to the wonderful world of Ruskin Bond’s stories.

Review :

Adventures, we’ve all had them, correct? So did a kid named, Ruskin, yes, as in young Ruskin Bond.

In the book, Hop On, Mr. Bond reminiscences the adventures he has had while he was young. He’s written about young Ruskin’s take upon adventures in trains, planes and boats. The book mainly focuses on the circumstances that led to the adventure and how it was perceived by his younger self. This set of stories help us see the perspective of a child and honestly, it’s really fun to read. The cook has filled scary things in young Ruskin’s head about the fishes and he’s really scared of the sea. The pilot navigates the plane with swoops and dives and young Ruskin is scared for his life. Upon the train ride to the boarding school, snowing delays the journey and the boys have to spend the night in the train. What happens next? You can read the book to find out.

Written in a simple yet enjoyable language, Hop On is a fun little book that can get you out of your reading slump. The illustrations work as cherry to the cake and are very enjoyable.

I’m recommending this book to all the kids who like reading and to everyone who enjoys Mr. Bond’s writing and adventures.

Thanks to Talking Cub/ Speaking Tiger Books and Ruskin Bond for sending me the review copy in exchange of an honest review.

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